Sinai Challah Board
Sinai Challah Board
Sinai Challah Board
Sinai Challah Board
Sinai Challah Board
Sinai Challah Board

Sinai Challah Board

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Prime Judaica will donate a portion of the proceeds to:
• Eran: Emotional First Aid
• Stand with Kfar Azza


Introducing our exquisite Sinai Shabbat Challah Board, a true embodiment of tradition and craftsmanship. Crafted from a slice of rich, amorphous-shaped solid wood, this board seamlessly connects with translucent aqua resin, creating a harmonious blend of natural warmth and modern elegance.

The translucent aqua resin serves as a canvas for the meticulously cut Hebrew letters, forming the sacred blessing "hamotzi lechem min Haaretz." Each letter is embedded with precision, adding a touch of reverence to your Shabbat table.

To enhance functionality, a thoughtfully designed cavity on the right end cradles a glass salt bowl, ensuring that the essential element of salt is always within reach. The glass bowl for salt is included, adding a touch of sophistication to your Shabbat ritual.

To protect your dining table, the Sinai Challah Board rests on silicone plugs, providing a stable and secure foundation. The entire piece is finished with a high-resistance clear varnish, not just for aesthetics but also to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

More than just a functional item, this Challah Board is designed to be a cherished family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next. Its timeless beauty and meaningful design make it a symbol of continuity, tradition, and the enduring connection to the sacred act of breaking bread on Shabbat. Elevate your Shabbat experience with this masterfully crafted Challah Board, a testament to the artistry that binds generations together.

  • A slice of  rich amorphic shape solid wood, connected in harmony to translucent  aqua resin.
  • Embedded in that resin are precisely cut Hebrew letters for: “hamotzi lechem min Haaretz”  (the Hebrew blessing over bread) .
  • A cavity to hold glass salt bowl rests near the right  end of the board.
  • Glass bowl for salt: included.
  • Sits on silicone plugs tom protect your dinning table.
  • Finished with high-resistance clear varnish.
  • This piece is intended to be handed down, from one generation to the next as a valuable family heirloom.


As many products are unique and asymmetrical, the pieces’ width and length may vary from point to point. Recognizing that one may store it in a cabinet, on a shelf, or anywhere requiring precise dimensions, we measure the length and width from the widest point on either side.

L -18 7/8” (48 cm)

W -9” (23 cm)

H - 1 ¾” (4.5 cm)

Wt. 7.5 Lbs (3.5 Kg)

Care and maintenance

  • Never submerged in water
  • Wipe with soap/water using a soft cloth (no abrasive sponges)
  • Avoid using a knife directly on the board. Just in case you want to use a knife, we include a separate thick protective clear sheet that may be put on the board.
  • When replacing a battery, never pull on the cord; gently take the battery casing out (held with industrial velcro). Remove the battery cover, replace the battery, and close back with the cover. Re-velcro the battery casing into the cavity at the bottom of the Board.

We ship within 2 to 4 business days from the time we receive the order.

Unique Piece

Each Prime Judaica piece is uniquely made: no two pieces are identical. Just as each piece of wood used in our collection has its own personal history and memory, each family has their unique story, their own journey. The stories and experiences of the trees, apparent in the piece's special markings, parallel those of families, filled with love, growth, and resilience.


Absolutely! Commissioned pieces add a special touch for your celebrations. Custom made products will be designed according to your specification. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your unique preferences.

Shipping and handling within the continental United States is free. For all other locations, please send us the shipping address, and we will provide an estimated cost. 

For international delivery: Buyer is responsible for any duties/ import taxes, and otherfees that may be required in th Country of delivery..

Final sale, and custom orders are not returnable.

All other: Changed your mind? No problem!

  • Please enclose a copy of the invoice, packing slip, or purchase order with the return 
  • RMA form is required. Rma form IS AVAILABLE HERE.
  • Merchandise must be returned within 10 days of receiving the Return Merchandise Authorization 
  • Packaged items must be returned in original packaging for proper credit 
  • A 25% restocking fee will apply to all items authorized for return

Prime Judaica will donate part of each product to either: 

  • Eran, which provides Lifesaving Emotional First Aid Services in Israel.   


  • Kibbutz Kfar Aza rebuilding fund.

This Kibbutz is located in Israel, about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) from the border with the Gaza Strip. On 7 October 2023, around 70 Hamas militants attacked Kfar Aza, a kibbutz, massacring residents and abducting several hostages.

We build everything in sunny south Florida, where the sun paints the sky in hues of tangerine and coral, and the air wraps you in a warm, sultry embrace. To us, it's a place where cultures collide and blend, creating a rich tapestry of diversity and acceptance.

Equally, South Florida is not without its storms—both meteorological and metaphorical. The threat of hurricanes looms, a reminder of the fragility of paradise. Although it is a lengthy process, most of the time, we use wood from trees that fell during storms. We mill the trunks to useable boards, air dry them for months, and then kiln dry the planks, preserving the beauty of fallen trees for generations to enjoy.

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