Handmade Judaica

Each Prime Judaica piece is uniquely made: no two pieces are identical. Just as each piece of wood used in our collection has its own personal history and memory, each family has their unique story, their own journey. The stories and experiences of the trees, apparent in the piece's special markings, parallel those of families, filled with love, growth, and resilience.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and picture your family around the Shabbat Table: 

 The soft white tablecloth, the special china, the spotless glasses, the shiny silverware, and the atmosphere of simply being together.

Around that table, bonding and connecting, are family members and friends. And this beautiful practice of love and gratitude preserves ancestral heritage, imprinting the future with tradition and warmth.

Reminiscing on the fabric of my childhood geography, I recall the lush Mount Carmel with a landscape that cascades in a crescendo of vivid colors by the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

Communicating values through joy, these enchanted Judaica pieces embody unwavering craftsmanship, unifying quality materials such as solid wood, metal, and resin.

Each unique piece is hand crafted with care and attention; no piece is made on Shabbat.

What makes each piece so beautiful, so special, are the perfect imperfections of the stunning solid natural wood, coupled by the hand-made process by a woman who is also a loving mother.

The more we look at each piece, the more we discover unique patterns along its surface.

Made with love, each piece is sentimental, honoring past generations and ancestors, and the future ones that will carry on and pass the tradition on for each lifetime to come.

Each piece is intended to be handed down, from one generation to the next, inviting to pass each family’s legacy through triumphant strides, creating a hallmark for families’ memories, experiences, and celebrations.

Choose a piece that speaks to you and your loved ones, or CONTACT US for a custom-made piece.


Zvia Dover is an accomplished artist specializing in creating exquisite and meaningful luxury Judaica pieces. Born and raised in Haifa, Israel, Zvia draws inspiration from the stunning natural beauty of her childhood surroundings, with the cascading Carmel mountains embracing the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, providing the perfect backdrop for her creativity. 

From a young age, Zvia was instilled with a deep respect for family and ancestral heritage, and it continues to influence her work to this day. She is the proud mother of two children, and has passed down her own skills in sewing, baking, and cooking to them just as she learned from her own mother. 

But it was from her father that’s Zvia inherited her love of working with her hands. Using her father’s power tools Zvia learned how to fix broken items around the house, gaining valuable experience that would later serve her well in her artistic endeavor. 

Fluent in both Hebrew and English, Zvia is a true creative force in the field that is often male-dominated. With her dedication to tradition and her innovative spirit, Zvia is a committed to creating pieces that not only honor Jewish culture and heritage, but also add a touch of luxury to any home or occasion. Each piece she creates is infused with her passion, love, and dedication, making them truly one of a kind treasures that will be cherished and passed on for generations to come.